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Yes, Twitch is down for some people right now


Twitch, the giant of live streaming, is down for a lot of people right now. More users than ever have been tuning in since the COVID-19 pandemic sent everyone indoors; It’s hard to tell if today’s outage is due to server stress or something else entirely.

For its part, Twitch says it is investigating the problem.

Right now when I try to load the home page of the site I don’t see anything in the carousel of the main page and the only thing loading is the left navigation bar where the live followed channels live along with recommendations for the channels you might like, and the most popular Twitch categories. It is still unclear whether he will be able to start a transmission. That said: individual channels that were already live appear to be loading and streaming normally, and for some users, full service has been restored.

It is still unknown when the site will return to normal functionality, but we will update this piece when we know more.

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