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Xbox Live went down for the second time this week


Microsoft’s Xbox Live service stopped working for the second time this week. The issues started showing up a little after 7 PM ET on Friday, with Down Detector indicating sharp spikes in connection issues reported by users, and Microsoft later confirmed to Twitter that it’s “experiencing issues” with pairing, party chat and searching for groups. “

On Sunday, Xbox Live experienced a similar outage that lasted more than two hours. That was slightly more serious as users reported problems signing in to Xbox One devices. Microsoft’s Xbox Live status page currently says there are still issues with the platform’s gaming and social parts.

At approximately 10:45 p.m. ET, Microsoft said that it had solved the problems related to pairing and party chat, but did not say that it had solved Find groups.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, it was a rather awkward time for its multiplayer gaming service to suffer another outage.

Right now, there are millions of people in the United States practicing social distancing, and local governments are asking them to stay away from public spaces now that bars, restaurants, and other central social institutions have stopped working in response to the coronavirus crisis. That means there are quite a few people playing video games and keeping in touch with online friends in the process, or at least in the case of Xbox users, who try to do so.

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