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Top 10 Gadgets to Help You in Case of a Corona Virus Outbreak


A deadly virus outbreak has the potential to swipe up the entire human population if isn’t get controlled efficiently and effectively. Humankind had encountered several viruses and flu outbreaks and pandemics in the past including Plague, Polio, Spanish Flu, Bird Flu, AIDS, Swine Flu, Ebola, Zika and the list goes on. These pandemics had caused humankind a lot and had killed millions of people around the blue planet.

Currently, the entire world had got affected by a new kind of deadly virus and the name is “Corona”. Coronavirus is more dangerous compared to other viruses because it spreads more easily. A single sneeze of a Corona patient can also infect you and nearby persons.
There may be infected persons living nearby and you must be worried about your self-defense. You must follow the tips and guidelines provided by the professionals and doctors to save yourself from this deadly virus. Washing your hands frequently is among the best tips to fight the Coronavirus but it isn’t enough.

Few tools and gadgets can also help you in fighting the coronavirus outbreak. These gadgets will keep you isolated from the Coronavirus and other viruses too. Let’s start the list:

1.Smart Faucets
Maintaining good hygiene is always a healthy habit and you can simply do this by washing your hands frequently. Doctors have also advised people to wash hands in order to fight coronavirus but what if the faucets get infected. Yes, it is possible; experts have said that many viruses can survive on non-living things for hours or even days.

Smart Faucet

Smart faucets make it possible to wash hands and brush teeth in a more safe and hygienic way. These faucets are equipped with motion sensors and you can open the tap and activate the water flow without even touching it. If your house has a shared bathroom then you must invest on a smart faucet to fight a Coronavirus outbreak.

Key Features:
– Motion sensors
– Magnetic docking
– Easy installation
– LED indicator
– Battery operated

2.Anti-Viral Masks
Masks are powerful tools to combat any kind or virus outbreak. This could be the most affordable equipment you can own. It isn’t a gadget but a mask is one of the staple pieces of thing which will help you in a case of virus outbreak no matter if it is Corona or Ebola.


Masks not only keep you safe from unwanted and harmful micro-organism but at the same time it also eliminates the chances of getting affected with pollutants present in the air. No matter if you are visiting your nearby shop or going to meet any of your loved ones in the hospital, you must grab a mask while going outside in any kind of virus outbreak.

3.Smart Soap Dispensers
Whenever you encounter a virus outbreak make sure to touch the things at least as possible. It may be possible that a soap dispenser can contain a lot of viruses and other harmful micro-organisms. The soap inside can disinfect your hands but at the same time the body of the dispenser may infect you.

Smart Soap Dispenser

A soap dispenser looks hygienic but they can be the major producers of germs and bacteria. Smart soap dispensers are equipped with motion sensors and users can pump the soap inside with motion commands without touching it.

4.Toothbrush Sanitizers
Sanitizers can kill germs and viruses easily. You must equip your bathroom with a quality sanitizer and also carry a small one while traveling to keep yourself safe. Your tooth contains a lot of germs and micro-organisms and disinfecting it with a toothbrush sanitizer could be a great idea.

Toothbrush Sanitizer

If you share a common bathroom in your home then it is possible that any of your family members may have used your toothbrush. The UV lights produced by the electronic sanitizer can effectively kill the germs and viruses.

Key features:
– Fast and effective
– Advanced UV light technology
– Ease of use
– 60-time use in a single charge

What if a mask can protect you from the viruses as well as keep you warm at the same time? That would be awesome no doubt. BioScarf is a chic and more fashionable alternative for a regular air pollutant mask.
This revolutionary neck-ware is capable of protecting you against pollutants, viral infections, allergens and most of the harmful micro components. This chic mask has a built-in N95 dedicated air filter capable in straining most of the air bon contaminants present in the atmosphere.


6.Germ Eliminating Wand
Germs and viruses can survive on many non-living surfaces for hours and you may get infected by touching that particular surface too. When living in quarantine it becomes necessary to eliminate those micro-organisms by sanitizing your house and the surfaces you touch every day.
The germ eliminating band listed here emits UV-C light which can eliminate deadly viruses, bacteria and germs from any surface by destroying the DNA of harmful organisms. This revolutionary sanitizing wand can eliminate most of the harmful germs including MRSA, E-coli, H1N1 and the list goes on. This gadget is easy to use, just hold for 30 to 60 seconds over the surface you want to sanitize.

Portable Wand

Key features:
– Lab-tested
– Emits UC-V light
– Ideal for solid objects only
– Destroy DNA of harmful micro-organisms

7.Smart Thermometer
Thermometers can help you detect infected persons and hence controlling the corona outbreak could be a lot easier. A regular thermometer has mercury inside and needed to be kept in mouth or underarm for a few seconds to record body temperature. Using a traditional thermometer can boost the chances of virus spread.


This smart thermometer can help you to record the body temperature of a particular person without touching him/her. The smart non-contact forehead thermometer is safer and faster than your traditional home thermometer.

Key features:
– Non-contact reading
– Large LCD display
– Available in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
– Fast temperature reading

8.TV show subscriptions
Yes watching TV and staying home can help you keep yourself safe from a Coronavirus outbreak. The best part about these subscriptions is that you can get subscribed to your favorite movies and TV shows without going outside for purchasing. Access and buy the content from your comfort zone because these kinds of things can be purchased online.

Top streaming services and apps to access during quarantine:
– Netflix
– Amazon prime
– HBO now
– YouTube
– Sony Crackle
– Disney+

9.Latex Gloves
Just like a quality mask simply a latex glove can inhibit the chances of getting infected with Coronavirus during an outbreak. Make sure not to travel outside in an atmosphere loaded with billions of harmful viruses. If it’s an emergency and going outside is necessary then be prepared and carry a few tools and gadgets to fight back.


A latex glove will help you to cut contact with the infected person and things and hence you must own a quality latex glove this month or beyond because the duration of Coronavirus outbreak may exceed.

10.Gaming Console
Stay home, stay safe and keep yourself busy with your favorite things. You may find Quarantine and social distancing boring thus makes sure to do the things which keep you entertained. If you like playing video games then this is the best time to buy a quality gaming console.
And if you aren’t a gamer by heart then try gaming this time, I am sure you will love to do this experiment. Gaming can be done via PC, laptop or smartphone but the experience of console gaming is truly amazing and unique, nothing can match console gaming.

Gaming Console

Top console games to play:
– Fortnite
– Minecraft
– The Witness
– Doom
– Limbo
– GTA (Grand Theft Auto)
– Star Wars

Bottom Line:
What a huge asteroid had done to dinosaurs, a deadly virus outbreak can do the same to the entire human population if it isn’t get controlled. Keeping yourself safe is in your hands during a virus outbreak and few gadgets and tools can also help you do the same.

Buy gadgets and gizmos according to the situation; take the best care and precaution of yours while encountering the deadly coronavirus outbreak. Maintaining social distance and better hygiene during a virus outbreak could save you.

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