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Motorola’s folding Razr is already falling apart


With each passing day, it is increasingly clear that Motorola’s idea of ​​resuscitating the Razr brand could be the only good thing about the company’s first folding phone. The Razr is a mid-range device that is quite expensive, with a folding screen whose bumps and bumps are normal, and whose hinge could come with an annoying noise from the first moment. The hinge may not even last all year, as evidenced by a recent durability test. Not to mention that the Galaxy Z Flip has some key advantages of the Razr, which include hardware, screen quality and price. If that is not enough, the Razr just had its Galaxy Fold moment: the folding screen broke after only a week of use.

When reviewers began using the Galaxy Fold last April, they quickly discovered two ways to destroy the sensitive screen. One was not intentional, as it included the accidental entry of debris into the phone through the hinge. The second was a user error. Some people thought that the outer layer of the screen that looked like a previously applied screen saver can be removed, and broke the screen in the process. It turns out you weren’t supposed to take off the plastic from the screen. Samsung eventually solved both problems but had to delay the launch of the Fold in five months.

Meanwhile, the Razr has its own distinctive folding screen problem, but one that could affect sales if it becomes a widespread phenomenon. Input people discovered that the upper plastic lamination of the screen began to peel off, and the problem only got worse:

The Motorola Razr nightmare continues. A week after we purchased and reviewed the foldable phone, the plastic OLED display on our $1,500 device is now peeling apart… at the fold. We always try our best to not be alarmist, but when a giant horizontal air bubble appears literally out of nowhere and starts separating the top lamination and the display panel, we have to wonder why anyone would be optimistic about foldable phones.

[…] When I took out the phone at around 3:43 p.m. ET to snap a few selfie comparison photos (😉), I noticed the air gap. The screen was completely warped from hinge-to-hinge with the top layer raised like a poorly applied screen protector.

As you can see in these photos, that is the kind of damage that requires immediate attention. If your folding phone looks like this, you should remove it and request a replacement. In addition to looking horrible, the screen will not work if the outer plastic layer is separated.

It is not clear what caused the problem, and the report speculates that exposing the phone to different temperatures could have triggered a reaction that released the adhesive. The phone in question was not damaged in any way before the user noticed that the screen was peeling off. A few days ago, a Twitter user posted an image with a broken Z Flip-screen and speculated that the screen broke on the hinge due to the cold weather.

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