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Motorola’s $ 1,499 Flip Razr Now Comes in Gold


Motorola’s Foldable Razr phone now comes in a blush gold color variant. The gold version features a black and gold color scheme, with the lower back of the product in the gold color.

Like the original “noir black” model, it is still a Verizon exclusive phone that will cost you $ 1,499. Both color variants feature the same specifications, including a mid-range Snapdragon 710 processor.

Although the foldable phone now comes in an additional color option, that does nothing to address the fact that the Razr received negative reviews. The phone’s camera was criticized for taking bad photos and having difficulty focusing on faces, a problem that my colleague Dieter Bohn pointed out in his review. He also said that the battery life was inadequate and called the Motorola Razr “a compromised phone”.

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