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Journey, formerly an exclusive Epic Games Store for the PC, goes to Steam


Journey, the classic game from thatgamecompany that first launched on PlayStation 3 in 2012, will be available on Steam on June 11. Previously, Journey was only available for PC through the Epic Games Store, where it launched last June.

In the game, you play as a hooded figure traveling towards a high mountain on the horizon, navigating through different landscapes and environments along the way. Sometimes you may find another player wandering near you. You can coordinate with that player to solve the game’s puzzles and explore their world together using screams in your character’s game, forcing you and your partner to create a language of your own as you approach the mountain in the distance.

Polygon’s Russ Frushtick said in his review of the PS3 version that Journey “should be experienced by everyone,” and I agree. I’m happy to see it hit another platform, especially since that game company said in December 2015 that the game wouldn’t make it to Steam. The game joins Metro Exodus and Hades in arriving on Steam a year after its first exclusive release on the Epic Games Store.

Journey also received a surprise iOS release last August.

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