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Google Pixel 4A has not Announced Yet!

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There is no doubt that the Galaxy S20 was one of the most filtered smartphones of all time, but that has become Samsung’s new normal. The company has not even tried to contain the leaks, confirming several details of the Galaxy S20 and Z Flip long before the Unpacked 2020 event. But the Pixel 4 takes the cake when it comes to mobile leaks, and instead of defending itself, Google decided to join.

Google tried to get ahead of leaks after a disastrous launch of Pixel 3 and revealed some of the distinctive features of Pixel 4 several months before the October event “Made by Google.” All he did was confirm all the leaks of Pixel 4 even faster than when we were reviewing the supposed prototypes of Pixel 3 in Asia months before the Google announcement event in 2018.

This brings us to the present and the next Pixel. It is mid-February, which means we are about eight months away from the Google Pixel 5 launch event. But the first leak of Pixel 5 is about to fall.

Google has been copying the iPhone since it launched the first Pixel, but could not replicate Apple’s success in selling phones. None of Pixel’s previous flagships sold as well as Google would have liked, and it is likely that the Pixel 3a series is actually the best-selling phone in Google’s history, but the company never shares any number of sales, So we can’t know. insurance. Pixel 4 is not an attractive seller either. Just look at the massive discounts the phone received shortly after launch. And those prices keep going down. In fact, it might make more sense to buy the Pixel 4 instead of the Pixel 3a or the Pixel 4a, whose launch is imminent, if you’re looking to save money.

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Google is expected to present the Pixel 4a in May at I/O 2020, but we already know that the phone will present the most exciting design that Google has produced. However, before we get there, we will also see Pixel 5.

The YouTuber shared the correct prices of the Galaxy S20 long before the Samsung Unpacking event and already has access to the design files for Pixel 5.

It’s amazing that Google can’t or doesn’t want to keep a secret. It’s not that Apple can perfectly control iPhone leaks and, often, new iPhones are leaked before Apple’s September event. But the iPhone manufacturer generally keeps some things secret and manages to attract large audiences for its iPhone ads.

Google is different And, as much as I like spoilers, the extensive pixel leaks we’ve seen in recent years may have hurt sales instead of helping. If Prosser’s filtration turns out to be accurate, then the Pixel 5 will spoil about eight months before Google’s 2020 hardware event. And that Michael Scott GIF has us very worried.

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