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Four Advantages of Creating a Corporate Video


The main goal of corporate videos is to tell your business activity in an emotional and coincident way. A well-made corporate video, with the help of an expert web marketing consultant, expresses all its potential when it focuses on the use of your products. It is a way to remind people that your company is run by people who have shared values. In this guide, you will discover four advantages and how to create successful corporate videos.

Four advantages of making a corporate video

1. To position yourself better on Google

If your company videos offer useful solutions to your visitors, they will get a good search engine ranking. Even if your business is a different niche, you can gain loyalty from interested people.

For example, YouTube is a social network that allows you to interact with the followers of your channel. Another way to improve the results obtained on search engines is to use subtitles. Publishing your advertisement both in video and text format increases the SEO aspect of your company website.

2. To increase credibility and call to action

Watching a corporate video is much easier than reading a brochure. Although content marketing is of great importance, videos are more fun and allow the viewer to relax. People love to watch videos because this action doesn’t require effort. Also, corporate videos allow for better and faster understanding.

What makes a corporate video special is that it combines visual elements and sounds, simulating an experience. Videos can help consumers feel as if they have tried a product, even if they have never actually purchased it. Among the methodologies for making brand awareness, corporate videos are the best performing.

An effective corporate video should end with a call to action. The narrative voice of the video should direct people to visit your website for more information on brands and products. If your advertising message is correctly conveyed, it can generate a large number of conversions. On the contrary, the speeches from barkers do not work online because many people use the web and social networks to do research avoiding rough conditioning.

3. To take advantage of social media with a viral video

One of the reasons for making a corporate video is that you can share it with your followers on social media. If the video is viral, it can generate thousands of comments and shares on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter; in this way, you will receive free advertising through the spontaneous actions of your fans.

Many consumers purchase products and services based on the recommendations received from their friends, which is why online reviews have become so crucial for sales.

4. To testify the satisfaction of your customers

An effective way to let your users know what your customers think of your brand is to make a video testimonial.

Find customers who can offer testimonials about your products and services. Make sure to film honest answers, so they never appear forced. Customers who can describe their profitable experience with your brand in an emotional and empathetic way will positively influence your users.

How to create a corporate video?

If you can work in the first person when creating textual content to do content marketing, the creation of a corporate video, especially if it is institutional, requires a series of essential skills. Creating a corporate video without having the skills risks producing inadequate communication that could backfire on your corporate credibility.

It will, therefore, be necessary to recover good video processing software and create our video in the best possible way.

One tool that I am starting to discover for this purpose is FlexClip, an online video maker capable of responding to the most varied needs and improving corporate videos through its dedicated tools. In a few clicks, it allows you to increase the quality of your videos. Including the editing element, add caption text, the reworking of the sound component, all essential video editing functions can be processed separately and edited in minutes. FlexClip video maker leads the user to reach the last second, fully acknowledging the message we want to send. With a little practice, we will be able to start gaining confidence with a whole series of functions that will allow us always to create new and optimal content, which will undoubtedly help us to improve our advertising campaigns significantly. 

Corporate videos can also be very effective for SMEs because they allow you to illustrate the benefits of your products and services, without the constraints of a classic advertisement. Compared to TV advertisements, which have a duration of 30 or 60 seconds, corporate videos are not subject to these limits. However, even if your video may be as long as you like, it will be more effective if it is less than five minutes long.

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