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Bandsintown will help musicians get faster access to Twitch monetization


The Bandsintown concert notification service has partnered with Twitch to help artists who are unable to tour due to the new coronavirus pandemic. The partnership allows Bandsintown’s skilled artists to bypass the normal qualifications necessary to become a Twitch Affiliate and gain quick access to the live streaming platform’s monetization tools.

The canceled events are a heavy blow to musicians who depend on live entertainment revenue, and many have turned to “quaranstreams” to try to alleviate financial damage. SoundCloud recently announced a similar initiative with Twitch.

Bandsintown artists with 2,000 or more followers are eligible to apply. Then you’ll need to create a Twitch channel, link it to your artist profile on the platform, and fill out a short form. (It is linked in the Bandsintown post.) Once submitted, the company says that the Twitch Affiliate program will contact you by email within two to five business days to obtain any other details necessary to update your account.

Affiliate status on Twitch unlocks monetization tools such as subscriptions and the ability to receive tips. Gaining quick affiliate approval can help artists who need to create additional revenue now, with sectors of the entertainment industry crippled as a result of the pandemic.

Typically, to qualify for Affiliate status, a Twitch user must have at least 50 followers along with at least 500 minutes of total streaming in the past 30 days, seven unique streaming days in the past 30 days, and an average of three concurrent viewers or more in the last 30 days. This program, like the one on Twitch and SoundCloud, allows artists to avoid these obstacles so they can monetize on Twitch in a matter of days.

“Twitch continues to be a great place for artists to perform and connect with their fans live,” said Mike Olson, music director for Twitch, in a statement. “We are excited to partner with Bandsintown to provide artists with not only the best live streaming experience but also an opportunity for our community to support them with monetization tools not offered elsewhere.”

Bandsintown also recently launched its own Twitch channel and added the ability to send a “watch live” notification when musicians broadcast live. These notifications will appear on Bandsintown as well as on Facebook pages and anywhere else Bandsintown listings appear.

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