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Apple may add mouse cursor support to iPad


According to a 9to5mac report, Apple could be working on full cursor support for the next major version of iOS and iPadOS. The report is based on code from an earlier version of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

If Apple includes this new feature, it means you can use a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad with your iPad to move the cursor across the screen. It would work more or less like a mouse on a desktop computer.

Apple has already added basic support for an external mouse in the current version of iPadOS. It can be enabled in the Accessibility settings. But it mimics a finger on the screen.

With full cursor support, you can expect your cursor to change when you hover over a link, for example. You can also right-click on some items.

According to this previous version of iOS 14, the cursor will disappear after a few seconds if you don’t move the mouse. It reappears when you move the mouse again. On a Mac, the cursor disappears when you start typing text.

Multiple signs seem to indicate that Apple is working on a new iPad smart keyboard and trackpad shortcuts: tap to click, two-finger tap to right-click, etc. This could mean that the next Smart Keyboard will feature a trackpad underneath the keyboard.

Although iOS and iPadOS share the same code base, I wouldn’t expect cursor support on iPhone. The cursor support seems to be particularly useful on a larger screen, such as the iPad. You can also connect the latest iPad Pro models to an external monitor thanks to its USB-C port.

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In 2017, with iOS 11, Apple brought many design metaphors from the Mac to the iPad. The company introduced a Dock at the bottom of the screen, as well as a new Files app. iOS still feels like a completely different operating system than macOS. But it is interesting to see that some important desktop features also work quite well on an iPad.

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