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A Snapchat-owned location app has just added a leaderboard that compares who stays most at home


A Snapchat-owned location-sharing app has created a way to gamify social estrangement with a leaderboard that compares who between you and your friends spend the most time at home (via TechCrunch).

The app, Zenly, generally encourages sharing your location for things like getting together with friends, but hanging out with people could go against existing restrictions that encourage social estrangement and help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. So in a twist, Zenly can now show how much you and your friends aren’t going to get out with their new leaderboard to stay home.

The leaderboard classifies the five friends who stay the most at home, and if you stay at home as much or more than they do, you’ll be part of those top five. In order for a leaderboard to appear, you’ll need to add at least one friend who has a “home” on Zenly, the company told The Verge after the original posting of this article. Having a “home” in the app can take a few days after you join and give you access to your location so the app can discover your daily patterns and where your home might be.

I couldn’t make a leaderboard because I joined the app today. But here are some Zenly screenshots from the leaderboard and two other cards Zenly generates: one showing how much of the day he has spent at home and one showing a streak of how long he has been at home:

Zenly co-founder and CEO Antoine Martin also shared a screenshot of a leaderboard in this tweet:

Zenly also offers a handy map overlay that can show the number of coronavirus cases in a state or country. When you touch one of the emoji, it will show the number of confirmed cases and recoveries (although the five or more emoji I clicked on showed information that was last updated yesterday).

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